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Best Practices, Innovative Solutions, and the Future of Account Validation

Lenders seek profit. But are they missing the obvious approach?

Knowledge is Money.

The view from the experts: Traditional lending practices are no longer sustainable

Accelitas teams up with Insight to optimize lending cloud platform

What drives a better User Experience? For a leading global automaker, it’s streamlined BAV.

Alternative data and predictive analytics are changing the credit equation. Here’s how to get the best of both worlds.

Knowledge is Money

Strength In Numbers

How can risk management excel in uncertain times?

Accelitas Announces Jimmy Williams as New Chief Revenue Officer 

Accelitas Enhances Bank Account Validation Solutions with Real-Time Transaction Data

Beyond Compliance

Is your BAV solution meeting today’s demands? It may be time to ask your vendor some hard questions.

Are you prepared to make instant decisions?

Times up. You ready?

In the post-pandemic world, lending has shifted — and alternative data is leading the way

Real-time bank account verification is raising the stakes for consumers and lenders. So what happens next?

What happens when Bank Account validation goes above and beyond?

Sometimes it really pays to follow the rules.

Putting bank validation services to the test? You may be in for a surprise.

"Coverage is Everything"

Predictive Analytics Innovator Accelitas Grows Business, Expands Product and Development Team

Accelitas named Nacha Preferred Partner for ACH Account Validation

Get ahead of the upcoming Web Debit Rule with a Nacha Preferred Partner.

Microclimate™ credit scores deliver a timely alternative to traditional credit scoring

Enhanced fraud detection has always made sense. Now it’s being enforced.

Creditworthiness and Lending Decisions take a new turn in 2020

As fintech seeks next level solutions, Accelitas expands its innovative leadership

Now more than ever: Time to reimagine financial access

Lending during a crisis: the results are in

What’s new in the State of Identity? Jimmy Williams delivers some essential answers

Redefining Credit Risk with Artificial Intelligence and Human Expertise

How real-time data helps lenders cope with coronavirus uncertainty

It’s only fair. How Explainable AI is transforming compliance

Giving traditional credit scores a serious turbo charge

Ai Lift is giving credit risk a new angle.

It’s only fair. Predictive analytics is a win/win for both borrowers and lenders.

How to weather the latest lending forecast: Let a Microclimate™ credit score guide you.

What does traditional credit screening miss? Start with 70 million potential customers.

No time to lose. In 2019, lenders simply have to be smarter.

4 Ways that Alternative Data Can Help You Lift Your 2019 Growth Goals

How Will You Grow in 2019?

HSBC Data Breach Highlights the Dangers of New Account Fraud Attacks

A Winning Combination For Lenders: AI and Alternative Data

How to Leverage Intelligence to Help Online Lenders

One World Identity & Identity Intelligence - Interview with Greg Cote

What Happened to Alternative Data?

How to increase your customers with AI and Alternative Data

How to reach more customers with Artificial Intelligence

The Benefits of Crossing Disciplines in Artificial Intelligence

Loan Rejection Rates Digging into Revenues? Dig Deep into Data

The Mueller Investigation Highlights the Importance of Knowing Your Customers

Remember This Term: Identity Intelligence (Here's Why.)

Dropping Names: A CEO's POV on Renaming a Company

Authenticate IDs in Real Time for Mobile Onboarding with AI Authenticate

Improve Lending Decisions with Machine Learning

Auto-Extract ID Data for Mobile Account Opening with AI Extract

Money 2020 Recap: Accelerating Mobile Onboarding to Grow Profitable Accounts

Infographic: Mobile Onboarding - 3 Faults, 3 Fixes

Lend360 Recap: Helping Lenders Stop Rejecting Valuable Accounts

Fraud Expert Jodi Pratt on the Equifax Breach and Its Repercussions for Consumers and Financial Services

Cane Bay Cares: Fund-Raising to Help St. Croix

EGuide: Stop Rejecting Valuable Customers

Why Lenders Should Focus on Profitability, Not First Payment Default (FPD)

6 Lessons from the 2017 EMERGE Financial Health Forum

Lessons from Finovate 2017

Beyond Big Data: Digital Transformation Comes to Financial Services

Leveraging Data Analytics to Create a Frictionless Customer Journey

LendIt 2017: The Time for Machine Learning Is Now

Infographic: Market Size for Financially Underserved Consumers

7 Requirements for Real-time Mobile Onboarding

Why Convenience Is a Critical Differentiator for Mid-Tier Banks and Credit Unions

Realizing the CFPB’s Vision for Lower-Risk DDA Accounts

Streamline User Experiences for Customers and Staff

EMERGE Forum 2016 Recap: Mobile Intercept and Insights about FPD

Opportunities for Financial Services Solution Providers in 2016

Mobile Account Opening at BAI Retail Delivery 2015

Find the “Keepers”: Identify Your Most Profitable Customers and Grow Your Share of Business

Mobile Banking Is an Important Channel for the Unbanked and Underbanked

Infographic: State of the Unbanked and Underbanked Markets 2015

Assessing the Risk of DDA Account Applicants: The First Data® Confidence Score® Advantage

Use Web Services to Modernize Applications and Support Omnichannel Strategies

Study Finds that Customer Empathy Usually Goes Amiss

Benefits of Real-time Account Segmentation

WIB Annual Conference 2015 Report