Auto-Extract ID Data for Mobile Account Opening with AI Extract

Mobile onboarding should be fast and easy . But too often it's slow, complicated, and error-prone.

Requiring lots of typing is one sure way to introduce delays and errors. Let's face it: it's hard to type a lot of text accurately on a smartphone. 

And there's a simple alternative: simply allow customers to take photos of their driver's licenses or passports, and let the mobile onboarding app extract name and address data quickly and easily. 

AI Extract is a real-time web service that reads government-issued IDs such as driver’s licenses and passports, extracts barcode and text data, and uses extracted data to auto-form-fill account applications. The service can be easily embeded in mobile apps and web sites for account opening.

The video below offers a quick overview and another web service, AI Authenticate, available through our Document Insight platform.

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Tags: mobile account opening, auto-form-fill, AI Extract

Posted by John Bennett on 11/13/17 1:13 PM