Mobile Account Opening at BAI Retail Delivery 2015

Posted by John Bennett on November 2, 2015


Mobile Account Opening at BAI Retail Delivery 2015

Revenue growth, customer experience, mobile banking, and branch transformation were the major themes at this year’s BAI Retail Delivery Conference in Las Vegas. We were pleased to meet with so many bankers interested in solutions for delivering great customer experiences while growing profits and reducing risks.

Most banks today offer some form of mobile banking, but that doesn’t mean that any bank has fully realized mobile banking’s potential. When mobile banking is expanded to include mobile account opening, it can become a critical channel for reaching new markets, including Millennials and underserved consumers, many of whom rely on smartphones for their primary Internet access.

Making mobile account opening fast and frictionless for consumers and risk-free and compliant for institutions is no trivial matter. The rewards, though, are substantial: more customers, greater customer satisfaction, and mobile banking capabilities that can be applied not just on consumers’ mobile devices, but also on the mobile devices of bankers wherever those bankers happen to be. Bankers can take advantage of expanded mobile features while attending to customers in a branch, visiting a local business, or working a booth on a college campus.

We were pleased to be able to demonstrate our new solution for mobile account opening at this year’s Retail Delivery conference. To learn more about this solution and the way it applies data-driven insights to improve customer experiences while reducing risk, please contact us.

Mobile Banking White Paper

For a look at the promise of mobile banking, download our new white paper, Unlocking the Potential of Mobile Banking with Data-driven Insights.






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