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Years in the making, the Nacha Web Debit Rule is days away from enforcement 

It’s been talked about, postponed, and long anticipated. And on March 19, the Nacha rule for bank account validation is officially mandated and enforceable.

If you haven’t revisited and aligned your validation solutions, this is the time. The good news is that becoming Nacha compliant can also mean getting your business more coverage at a better price.

As a Nacha Preferred Partner, Accelitas provides instant validation of bank accounts with unmatched coverage, routinely testing at 98% of all U.S. bank accounts. Our frictionless solutions validate bank accounts without the use of Online Banking (OLB) credentials, delivering real-time confirmation of active accounts to improve ACH success rates, reduce abandonment, and mitigate risk. In fact, our customers who verify with Ai Validate consistently see a 30% lift in coverage compared to businesses who use traditional bank data consortiums.

All that while securing compliance with the Nacha verification rules.

Even if you put it off until the last minute, you still have time to get right with Nacha —and get better bank account validation in the process. Request a consultation or click the button below to schedule your free proof-of-concept test


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Posted by Scott Mullins on 3/15/22 11:45 AM
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