EGuide: Stop Rejecting Valuable Customers


Profitable lending is a balancing act.

Accept too many customers, and you'll incur losses.  Accept too few customers, and you miss out on growth.

DSi can help you grow profits from accounts you've previously rejected. 
Our AI Lift service instantly screens rejected applicants for overlooked signs of creditworthiness.

The real-world result of our AI Lift service? An ROI of 30:1 or higher.
In our free eGuide we'll share 5 reasons for giving rejected applicants a second look.  

Learn about:

  • A market worth $141 billion in fees and other revenue
  • The problem with using screening services tuned for prime customers
  • The importance of giving rejected applicants a second look
  • Why reconsidering leads you've already paid for makes economic sense
  • How low expenses and high returns deliver an impressive ROI

Tags: Financial Services, AI Lift

Posted by John Bennett on 9/29/17 12:06 PM






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