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If you’re not monitoring your BAV performance you’re missing the big picture. And bigger opportunity.  

Everybody knows the importance of account validation in today’s instant transaction ecosystem. It even comes with a mandate: the Nacha WEB debit account validation rule.  

Make sure your BAV solution is Nacha compliant, and you’re good to go.   

But compliance shouldn’t be confused with performance. Adhering to the Nacha rule is incredibly important (and of course, mandatory) but it’s just one piece of the BAV puzzle. Your account validation solution will determine the friction level and user experience of every digital transaction and confirm or reject the customers needed to grow your business.  

And the fact is, most companies don’t measure their BAV performance. At all.  

They don’t know how those risk management outcomes are turning out. They’re not tracking their return on investment. And they’re unaware of the opportunities a more robust account validation solution could provide them.  

That’s why we’ve taken account validation Beyond Compliance 

As a Nacha Preferred Partner for Bank Account Validation, Accelitas goes beyond compliance, leveraging unique sources of real-time transactional data, advanced behavioral analytics, and unsurpassed U.S. bank coverage to create seamless and strategic BAV solutions. 

  • Custom-tailored BAV to fit each business

Not only is each business different, the landscape itself is constantly evolving. Accelitas considers that an opportunity. We’ve developed BAV models that can be tailored to each company’s business risk levels and tuned to market conditions. 

  • Unmatched coverage means less friction 

Coverage is key and Accelitas BAV services offer an industry-leading 98% non-credentialed account coverage, providing an economical way to reduce the incidence of successful fraud attempts without impacting the customer experience. 

  • Closed-loop testing and measurement

If you’re not measuring something, it will be very hard to improve it. Implementing a continuous feedback loop ensures optimized modeling, scoring, and decision-making.

Bottom line: what you don’t know could be costing you.   

Today’s businesses need to evaluate their current account validation solutions. If they aren’t adding up, Accelitas can help, offering a robust sandbox environment as well as no-cost data testing to demonstrate our BAV performance.  


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Posted by Scott Mullins on 6/13/23 8:30 AM
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