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How real-time, real-world insights deliver BAV solutions for uncertain times

In recent years, the Bank Account Validation conversation has revolved around compliance, as the payments ecosystem aligned to meet new Nacha standards for secure ACH transactions.

But what if compliance was just the beginning?

An unprecedented pandemic and an economic downturn have changed the landscape, and companies must continue to evolve and adapt. The good news is that the emergence of new technologies and data analytics strategies can make ACH transactions fast, fair and more frictionless than ever.

A timely webinar addresses the new validation realities

Nacha and Accelitas are teaming up to address the new BAV realities in a free seminar Beyond Compliance, Thursday November 17 at 1 pm EST/10 am PST.

As a Nacha Preferred Partner for account validation, Accelitas goes beyond compliance, leveraging unique sources of real-time transactional data, advanced behavioral analytics, and unsurpassed U.S. bank coverage.

James Cook (VP of Product Management at Accelitas) and Steve Krawczyk (CTO and Chief Data Scientist at Accelitas) will join Amy Morris (Sr. Director of ACH Network Rules at Nacha) in hosting the webinar.

And offers direct steps for optimizing ACH transactions

The economic downturn has created both challenges and opportunities for online transactions. The Beyond Compliance webinar will demonstrate why traditional validation systems often limit coverage and insight. how Ai-powered predictive analytics use real-time behavioral aspects of bank account activity to optimize validation, and specific steps ACH Network and payments participants can take to keep their BAV aligned with the changing marketplace.


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