Lend360 Recap: Helping Lenders Stop Rejecting Valuable Accounts

DSi at LEND360 helping lenders grow profitable accountsWe’re back from the Lend360 Conference, a conference dedicated to exploring every angle of the online lending market.

At the conference, we introduced AI Lift, our new real-time service for re-evaluated rejected accounts for overlooked signs of creditworthiness. Available through our Customer Insight web services platform, AI Lift enables lenders to say “yes” to applicants they would have otherwise rejected.

Lenders who have implemented AI Lift in their loan-decisioning have achieved an ROI of 30:1 or higher.

Test AI Lift on Your Customer Base

For a limited time, we’re offering a free data test of AI Lift to lenders. Interested in seeing how AI Lift could help you grow profitable accounts in your current customer base?

Contact us about a free data test today. Write to craig.moore@dragnetsolutions.com or call (415) 842-7731.

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Posted by John Bennett on 10/19/17 5:46 AM