Is your BAV solution meeting today’s demands? It may be time to ask your vendor some hard questions.


In a world of changing rules and economic uncertainty, the need for robust, pre-transaction account validation and risk modeling is more important than ever.

ACH transactions are at the heart of today’s Internet commerce. They can also be the source of some huge headaches. Companies can no longer just check the box for Nacha compliance. They need to take the temperature of their entire Bank Account Validation (BAV) process, look for inefficiencies, evaluate the customer UX, and identify valuable new business opportunities.

Here are three questions everyone should be asking their
BAV vendor:

What’s the coverage rate? The fact is, traditional bank data tools have limited coverage of 50–60% and a historical perspective only.

How is it performing? Many BAV solutions lack the flexibility to adapt to the changing economic environment that drives NSF, Account Closed, and Account Frozen return codes.

How much is this costing us? Figure in the annual expense of bank fees, manual intervention, and recovery costs.

The good news? Accelitas has the answers.

Accelitas is changing the BAV equation. We’re a Nacha Preferred Partner for Bank Account Validation, bringing real-time data expertise to create solutions custom-tailored for today’s businesses, including:

Unsurpassed coverage. Our BAV solutions provide up-to-the-minute account information with unmatched coverage, routinely testing at 98% knowledge of all U.S. consumer bank accounts.

Customer experience + custom analytics. Our frictionless ACH validation comes with dynamic scoring that can be fine-tuned to your risk strategy, transaction type, and compliance requirements.

Lower costs, higher ROI. We help you enjoy higher conversion rates, reduced returns and overdraft fees, streamlined operations, and 30% lift in coverage.

Accelitas offers a BAV solution for every pain point

Ai Validate Bank Data combines our proprietary analytics in risk modeling to produce indicators on the validity, association, and the risk of the bank account information submitted. This service is typically used for lower value/lower risk ACH transactions.

Ai Validate BAV leverages the same powerful analytics but adds unique data sources that are tuned for higher value/higher risk ACH transactions, where the client either does not want or cannot use FCRA data for BAV.

Ai Validate BAV | FCRA is typically used for higher value/higher risk ACH transactions. (e.g., funding a consumer loan). Accelitas’ service provides real-time consumer behavioral data in the response to the client and can be used for Adverse Action purposes.

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Posted by Scott Mullins on 10/4/22 6:24 AM
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