Consider the source: how combining unique expertise generates smarter credit decisions


Accelitas and Equifax can help improve prediction and conversion rates through consumer insight and custom optimization

Between the speed of business and changing consumer spending habits, the demand for accurate credit scoring is more crucial than ever. Today’s lenders need to reach a generation that’s more Venmo than Visa, and millions of creditworthy customers that traditional scoring methods overlook.

The new reality adds up to millions of potentially profitable accounts that remain virtually invisible to your risk management model — and essential to growing your business.

What happens when two fintech leaders share their experience?

Those missing customers can often be found in alternative data: the non-traditional sources of credit history and the predictive analytics that turn thin-file and non-prime consumers into profitable accounts. Now imagine being able to custom tailor credit scoring to your specific business model and risk factors, while adapting to the dynamic marketplace itself. You’d have a much easier way to make smarter credit decisions.

That’s where Accelitas and the DataX Credit Report go to work.

Alternative data, custom credit scoring, and profitable new customers

Accelitas and DataX, an Equifax company, optimize their respective expertise, creating valuable consumer insight.

Ai Lift from Accelitas can leverage multiple data sources to predict creditworthy thin-file and no-file borrowers. Easily incorporated into loan-decisioning platforms at any stage of the data waterfall, Ai Lift uses Explainable AI techniques and FCRA data from CRA partners to give lenders the confidence to make and explain credit decisions. Users can tune or retune these models with data from their specific market, creating a continuous feedback loop to optimize and leverage their own data performance.

Unique sources of alternative data from the DataX Credit Report expands visibility and insight into consumer credit behavior, including consumers who are credit-seeking, subprime, and near prime. You get access to unique tradeline data from industries not reported in traditional credit data ranging from short-term lending, lease-to-own/rent-to-own, payday loans, auto finance, and more. The DataX solution:

  • Provides access to 80+ million consumers with non-traditional credit data not found in tri-bureau credit file*
  • Equifax data has proven to reduce bad rate by 6.6% and KS Lift of 12.6% - 32.1% among thin & young, subprime or prime*
  • Consumers with active tradelines with DataX from Equifax are 35% more likely to have an inquiry on traditional credit files*

Bottom line: Accelitas and DataX, an Equifax Company, work together to deliver next-level credit risk solutions designed to grow your business.

*Equifax Data and Analytics


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