What drives a better User Experience? For a leading global automaker, it’s streamlined BAV.



Accelitas delivers frictionless UX, unsurpassed coverage, and real-time efficiency to remove auto lender’s pain points  

In the high-volume, high stakes world of automotive financing, customer experience is key and mistakes can be costly. It’s a defining moment in the transaction, and the purchasing or leasing process needs to reflect the values of the brand.  

Especially when you’re a leading global automaker with a stated mission to be the best automotive financial services provider in the world. 

Accelitas set out to provide the Company with a custom BAV solution. 

Taking account validation beyond compliance 

With the expansion of online commerce and the subsequent increase in fraud, the Company was exploring ways to address the new Nacha (National Automated Clearing House Association) rule requiring that ACH originators of web debit entries use a “commercially reasonable fraudulent transaction detection system” to screen web debits for fraud.  

But compliance was only the beginning. The Company was hoping to streamline and automate the high-friction and time-consuming manual payment processes that impacted the consumer experience, resulting in “fat finger” errors, administrative returns, manual call-center intervention, and the associated time and fees.  

The Company required a scalable solution that was Nacha compliant and included Canadian bank coverage. After a thorough RFP process with prominent BAV vendors, the Company chose Accelitas.  

A custom solution with a real-time advantage 

The Accelitas team provided the Company with the data-driven intelligence it needs to validate a U.S. or Canadian bank account in real-time, not only bringing the Company into compliance with Nacha guidelines, but providing fast, frictionless, and cost-effective customer experiences moving forward.  

After meeting to understand the Company’s strategy, risk profiles, and use cases, the Accelitas analytics team conducted a thorough data test and customized a solution to fit the Company’s specific needs. Accelitas recommended Ai Validate BAV, a product tuned for higher value/higher risk ACH transactions and designed for clients that either do not want or cannot use FCRA data for BAV. The service leverages unique sources of real-time transactional data to provide instant account validation that delivers a frictionless customer experience without the use of Online Banking (OLB) credentials.  

Streamlined operations, higher success rates, lower fees.  Win/Win/Win. 

The Accelitas BAV solution delivered up-to-the-minute account information with unmatched coverage, routinely testing at 98% knowledge of all U.S. bank accounts, while delivering frictionless ACH validation. By converting to Ai Validate BAV, the Company was able to improve ACH success rates and mitigate fraud risk, while staying compliant with the mandatory Nacha WEB Debit Account Validation rule now in effect. The Company’s finance and customer service teams appreciated the streamlined operations, making it possible to significantly reduce returns, call-center interventions, and limit administration fees.  

In today’s digital transactions, the user experience is the brand experience. Working together, Accelitas ensured that the global automaker was in perfect alignment. 


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