Loan Rejection Rates Digging into Revenues? Dig Deep into Data

Posted by Paul Greenwood on May 4, 2018

We're pleased to present this guest blog by Paul Greenwood, CEO and Co-founder of our strategic partner, GDS Link, a provider of technology solutions, analytical and consulting services for the modern lender.

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The Mueller Investigation Highlights the Importance of Knowing Your Customers

Posted by John Bennett on April 6, 2018

Know Your Customer: that’s a sound management practice for any business. And for financial organizations in the U.S., it’s a legal requirement mandated in the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970 and the USA PATRIOT Act of 2002.

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Remember This Term: Customer Identity Intelligence (Here's Why.)

Posted by Greg Cote on March 29, 2018

Mobile-first consumers. The rise of artificial intelligence. FinTechs and disruptive startups. Open APIs for ecommerce, banking, and just about everything else.

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Tags: Identity Intelligence, Customer Identity Intelligence, mobile account opening, customer journey, credit risk management

Dropping Names: A CEO's POV on Renaming a Company

Posted by Greg Cote on March 11, 2018

by Greg Cote, Co-founder and CEO, Accelitas

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Authenticate IDs in Real Time for Mobile Onboarding with AI Authenticate

Posted by John Bennett on November 27, 2017


Mobile onboarding needs to be fast, frictionless, and risk-free. Minutes count. Extending the mobile onboarding process by a mere five minutes has been shown to increase the application abandonment rate by 200%.

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Improve Lending Decisions with Machine Learning

Posted by John Bennett on November 27, 2017

Machine Learning enables computers to recognize patterns and take actions without first being programmed with built-in directives to do so. Machine Learning software “learns” through exposure to data, automatically refining its own ability to recognize and respond to patterns.

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Auto-Extract ID Data for Mobile Account Opening with AI Extract

Posted by John Bennett on November 13, 2017

Mobile onboarding should be fast and easy . But too often it's slow, complicated, and error-prone.

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Tags: AI Extract, mobile account opening, auto-form-fill

Money 2020 Recap: Accelerating Mobile Onboarding to Grow Profitable Accounts

Posted by John Bennett on November 3, 2017

At this year’s Money 2020 Conference, we talked to a lot of companies who are coming to the same realization: in an increasingly mobile-centric world, they need to implement and optimize mobile onboarding. Their future growth depends on it.

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