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John Bennett September 29, 2017

Cane Bay Cares: Fund-Raising to Help St. Croix

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John Bennett September 29, 2017

EGuide: Stop Rejecting Valuable Customers

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John Bennett September 4, 2017

Why Lenders Should Focus on Profitability, Not First Payment Default (FPD)

Many non-bank lenders base their lending decisions on predictions about which applicants are likely to incur a First Payment Default (FPD)—that is, which applicants are likely to be late making their first payment on a loan. Lenders assume that by predicting FPD they will be able to predict which applicants are likely to default on the loans entirely, resulting in losses for the lender.

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John Bennett June 27, 2017

6 Lessons from the 2017 EMERGE Financial Health Forum

We attended this year’s EMERGE Financial Health Forum in Austin in mid-June. This conference, hosted annually by the Center for Financial Services Innovation (CFSi), has long been a major platform for sharing research and addressing trends in consumer finance.

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John Bennett May 22, 2017

Lessons from Finovate 2017

At this year’s Spring Finovate conference in San Jose, California, the consensus among attendees seemed to be that this year’s event was interesting, but hardly groundbreaking. The presentations from roughly 60 companies were mostly developments and refinements of ideas that had been presented in earlier conferences.

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John Bennett April 5, 2017

Beyond Big Data: Digital Transformation Comes to Financial Services

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John Bennett March 30, 2017

Leveraging Data Analytics to Create a Frictionless Customer Journey

Mobile account opening solutions suffer from abandonment rates as high as 80%. To enable more applicants to open accounts on mobile devices quickly and easily, financial organizations need to reduce friction.

Friction is inconvenience. It results from requiring mobile users to type too much or wait too long for data to be verified.

Our new white paper Leveraging Data Analytics to Deliver a Frictionless Customer Journey explains the hows and whys of using data analytics to reduce friction, improve customer journeys, and increase application completion rates.

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Topics: onboarding, customer journey, friction, mobile account opening

John Bennett March 10, 2017

LendIt 2017: The Time for Machine Learning Is Now

Photo Credit: LendIt USA

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