Lessons from Finovate 2017

Posted on 5/22/17 2:48 PM

At this year’s Spring Finovate conference in San Jose, California, the consensus among attendees seemed to be that this year’s event was interesting, but hardly groundbreaking. The presentations from roughly 60 companies were mostly developments and refinements of ideas that had been presented in earlier conferences.

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7 Requirements for Real-time Mobile Onboarding

Posted on 1/9/17 2:10 PM

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Why Convenience Is a Critical Differentiator for Mid-Tier Banks and Credit Unions

Posted on 9/22/16 10:41 AM

In a recent blog post at The Financial Brand, Ron Shevlin, director of research at Cornerstone Advisors, makes some excellent points about changing expectations in the financial services market. After pointing out that start-ups like Rocket Mortgage, SoFi, and Kabbage are offering financial products with easy applications and rapid decisions (they deliver answers in 15 minutes or less), Shevlin points out that Fintech startups have established new benchmarks for what it means to deliver “convenient” financial services.

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Mobile Banking Is an Important Channel for the Unbanked and Underbanked

Posted on 6/12/15 8:02 AM

Mobile banking is increasingly popular in the U.S. consumer market. That’s true not only for traditional bank and credit union customers but also for unbanked and underbanked customers, according to the FDIC’s latest study on unbanked and underbanked households.[1]

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