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John Bennett November 27, 2017

Authenticate IDs in Real Time for Mobile Onboarding with AI Authenticate


Mobile onboarding needs to be fast, frictionless, and risk-free. Minutes count. Extending the mobile onboarding process by a mere five minutes has been shown to increase the application abandonment rate by 200%.

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John Bennett November 3, 2017

Money 2020 Recap: Accelerating Mobile Onboarding to Grow Profitable Accounts

At this year’s Money 2020 Conference, we talked to a lot of companies who are coming to the same realization: in an increasingly mobile-centric world, they need to implement and optimize mobile onboarding. Their future growth depends on it.

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Topics: mobile onboarding, Money 2020, Document Insight

Brooke Hansen October 24, 2017

Infographic: Mobile Onboarding - 3 Faults, 3 Fixes

In financial services, retail, and healthcare, mobile onboarding has become a business necessity. But too often it suffers from the faults described in this infographic.

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Topics: ID authentication, mobile onboarding, auto-form-fill

John Bennett June 12, 2015

Mobile Banking Is an Important Channel for the Unbanked and Underbanked

Mobile banking is increasingly popular in the U.S. consumer market. That’s true not only for traditional bank and credit union customers but also for unbanked and underbanked customers, according to the FDIC’s latest study on unbanked and underbanked households.[1]

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Topics: mobile banking, mobile onboarding, unbanked, underbanked